New Call of Duty Roster!

Fri 14th Apr 2017 - 8:44pm : Gaming


After a poor performance at MLG Dallas, Allegiance came to a mutual agreement with the players to look for new opportunities to qualify for the next season of CWL. Today, we are excited to announce our newest Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare team lead by Sinful! The complete Allegiance roster consists of Jonathan "Sinful" Baez, Dakota "Nova" Williams, Mehran "Mayhem" Anjomshoa, Austin "Believe" Smith. Please welcome the newest members to Allegiance!


Sinful's thought with new members and signing with Allegiance

"I'm very excited to bring along Nova, Believe, and Mayhem along side myself to represent the star here at Allegiance. With our last team having high hopes after an insane run at Vegas, we fell short of the bar we set for ourselves. I personally had extremely high promises for myself, and regardless of the disappointments, I still hold them. With these three now at my side, I have an immense amount of excitement for our future. They're new talent who have proved they can hold their own time, and time again. I feel with my experience and leadership along with their raw talent and explosive capabilities, we'll be able to do something none of us have ever done before. I want to thank Connor and the rest of the staff who have constantly supported myself here at Allegiance for believing in me and my new team. Thank you to all of our supporters who have always had our back, and here's to the future!"

Connor Hall

Connor Hall

Connor Hall

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