HCS Week 5 Recap

Fri 28th Oct 2016 - 1:43am : Gaming

Team Allegiance (2-8) looks to be back on track in the Halo Championship Series Pro League after a fantastic reverse sweep against Evil Geniuses (3-7), followed by a hard-fought 3-1 loss to the HCS's third place team, Team Liquid (6-4). While Allegiance remains at the bottom of the Pro League standings after five weeks of play, their improved form bodes well for the final two weeks of the season.

Allegiance vs. Evil Geniuses

Allegiance and Evil Geniuses previously squared off in Week 1, with EG winning pulling off a Game 5 victory to win the series. As of late, however, EG had been struggling. It was a prime opportunity for ALG to get back in the win column, and they took advantage. 

The veto phase didn't seem to favor either team; neither squad had dominant records in any of the gametypes selected. The series featured Capture the Flag on Fathom, Slayer on The Rig, Strongholds on The Rig, CTF on Coliseum and Slayer on Eden.


Game 1: CTF on Fathom

Allegiance got off to a hot start in Game 1, getting the first Flag Capture before the first minute mark had passed. Evil Geniuses put together a nice run to get a cap of their own a few minutes later. The rest of the game was virtually a stalemate, with Allegiance only putting together one good flag run. An unfortunate turn of events saw EG preventing them from capping, followed by a cap of their own just after overtime started. EG defended well for three minutes to preseve their lead and claim a 1-0 series advantage.


Game 2: Slayer on The Rig

There wasn't much to separate the teams during Game 2, with neither team going on any dominating runs. At 46-46, ALG and EG contested the freshly spawned Sniper Rifle and Plasma Caster. EG managed to gain control of both power weapons, and finished off ALG 50-47.


Game 3: Strongholds on The Rig

Down 2-0 in the series, ALG faced a must-win game in order to stay alive. Despite leading in kills the entire game, ALG was unable to prevent Evil Geniuses from building a 63-22 lead. However, with their backs against the wall, ALG finally rediscovered the Strongholds ability that they displayed earlier in the season. With Falcated (25 kills) leading the way, ALG dominated EG the rest of the game and won, 100-69.


Game 4: CTF on Coliseum

ALG and EG were very evenly matched in this gametype—at the end of overtime, the game was tied 2-2, meaning a full map replay was required. In the replay, both teams came out firing. Stellar plays were made by both sides, however none were more impactful than Str8 Sick's Extermination Overkill, which lead to his game-winning capture to secure a 3-2 victory.


Game 5: Slayer on Eden

After tying up the series, Allegiance was presented with the chance to win their first series since Week 2. Where some teams may have choked, ALG excelled. They had complete control of the power weapons all game long, and closed out the series with a 50-34 win, completing the reverse sweep.

Allegiance vs. Team Liquid

After defeating Evil Geniuses the previous day, Allegiance looked to avenge a reverse sweep loss suffered against Team Liquid during the first week of the season. Liquid came into the series having lost to Team EnVyUs in a five game series the night before.

Defeating Liquid is a tough ask for any team, but there was hope after the veto phase. If the series went the distance, Allegiance would have had the opportunity to play two Strongholds gametypes, as well as a second Game 5 Slayer on Eden in a row. The potential series was: Strongholds on The Rig, Slayer on Plaza, CTF on Fathom, Strongholds on Eden and Slayer on Eden.


Game 1: Strongholds on The Rig

Allegiance made a statement in Game 1. Led by Contra (19 kills, 3 deaths), Allegiance demolished Liquid 100-16. ALG put constant pressure on Liquid, and at no point gave them any chance of getting back into the game.


Game 2: Slayer on Plaza

The game went back and forth for the first six minutes, with neither team able to gain much separation. However, Liquid managed to put together a run that built them a ten kill lead, and they comfortably closed out the game 50-40. Contra again put together a strong performance, leading ALG with 16 kills.


Game 3: CTF on Fathom

CTF on Fathom was always going to be a challenge. Liquid was 4-0 in the gametype heading into the matchup, while Allegiance was 0-4. It was no surprise that Liquid came out strong, building a 2-0 lead relatively quickly. Allegiance did manage to halve the deficit with a few minutes remaining, but Liquid played nearly flawless defense to prevent ALG from tying the game before time ran out. 


Game 4: Strongholds on Eden

After performing admirably through three games against one of the Pro League's top teams, Allegiance was thoroughly outplayed in Game 4, losing 100-4. The game played out in similar fashion to Game 1, with one team dominating and giving the opposing team no chance to get back into the game. The loss ended the series 3-1 in favor of Liquid. 





Allegiance returns to competition today, Oct 28. at UGC St. Louis, an open-bracket LAN event. The event runs all weekend, and features several pro teams as well as teams from the open circuit. 






Ryan Caris

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