Allegiance Signs #1 Xbox SMITE Team

Sun 23rd Oct 2016 - 8:56pm : Gaming

                Allegiance is happy to announce the signing of North American Xbox SMITE team, ReturN. The squad - consisting of Christopher "Transonics" Pinales, Brooks "Cynosure" Mattey, Shane "Clow" Rymkowski, Matthew "Matt Koiz" Morales, Christopher "Wolves" Leon, and coach Martin "Yung Homie" Ayala - have taken first seed of the 2016 SMITE Console League Fall Split after posting a record of 5-4-1, garnering 19 points, through seven weeks of play.

                Allegiance is now one of three organizations to field teams in both of SMITE’s competitive leagues, the SCL on Xbox and the SMITE Pro League on PC. Both squads are still searching to qualify for the upcoming SMITE World Championship. With a win at the SCL Fall Finals, Clow and company will solidify their appearance at the SMITE World Championships held in Atlanta, Georgia starting January 5th 2017.

Learn more about the players:


Christopher "Wolves" Leon

Position: Solo

Age: 18

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Gods: Odin and Bakasura

Trivia: Won a LAN with the most hated god Loki 



Brooks "Cynosure" Mattey

Position: Jungle

Age: 18

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Favorite Gods: Nemesis and Ymir

Trivia: “I got invited to the team after playing a couple ranked games with Clow.”



Shane "Clow" Rymkowski

Position: Mid (Captain)

Age: 22

Hometown: Ontario, Canada

Favorite Gods: Zhong Kui and Agni

Trivia: “I’m known as one of the longest playing players and biggest trolls in smite.”



Matthew "Matt Koiz" Morales

Position: Support

Age: 20

Hometown: Crown Point, IN

Favorite Gods: Ymir and Cabraken

Trivia: “Played three different roles professionally. I've been to every single xbox LAN, and hold the record for the most LAN wins.”



Christopher “Transonics” Pinales

Position: ADC

Age: 21

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Favorite Gods: Xbalanque and Chronos

Trivia: “I Started smite when it was released on the xbox beta, and I can give my own opinion on how I'm more dominate than players who been in the scene longer than me as an ADC and I’m only getting better.”



Martin "TheYungHomie" Ayala

Position: Coach/Sub

Age: 17

Hometown: Fall River, MA

Favorite Gods: Awillix and Izanami

Trivia: “We out here.”



Chris Matlock

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