HCS Week 1 Recap

Fri 16th Sep 2016 - 3:49pm : Gaming

                Halo is finally back after a month and a half break. Many notable roster changes took place during the offseason including Snip3down stepping down from Evil Geniuses and Naded returning to the scene with Luminosity Gaming, an unfamiliar organization to the Halo scene. Team Allegiance took on both of those squads in the first week of the Halo Championship Series Pro League. While ALG ended up losing both matches, the squad showed plenty of potential and will likely find away to turn these losses into lessons going forward.

                The first at look at both of these new rosters was an entertaining match, to say the least. Neither team ran away with any game throughout the series, but in the end, Evil Geniuses got the better of Team Allegiance. However, it would take five games to make that decision. All of the games had a couple similarities, such as a triple cap from Allegiance to end and win both Strongholds maps and EG winning both Slayers with a scoreboard of 50-42.

                On the side of ALG, Shooter seemed to be the strongest out of the gate picking up an overkill and topping the kill statistic in the first game. Falcated, too, looked very poised in his Pro League debut. The rookie produced a very thoughtful play with the plasma pistol mitigating the usefulness of EG’s overshield. Each player made their own impact on the match with ContrA capturing both of ALG’s scores in the 2-3 CTF loss (very nearly taking the third as well). Meanwhile, Falcated put up one more kill than his teammate to beat out ContrA’s 23 kills and claiming most kills in game two. Devon found some success in the Slayer games posting a team-high 14 kills in the first one and a team-low 10 deaths in the second one. All in all, it was a fairly even affair with Evil Geniuses just barely taking the edge.

                As close as their match with EG was, ALG’s series against Luminosity was even closer. Naded was up tohis usual tricks pulling out incredibly fast starts with his new team and throwing out some clutch slays. ContrA and his crew would give Luminosity a run for their money making this series one of the closest in recent history. A stalled out game five would go all the way until time expired with the end result favoring LG 45-44.

                Despite going down 0-2 just a minute and change into game one, ContrA put up a stout defense a secured a game-high 3 flag returns. This was largely in part to Shooter finding a team leading 11 kills. Ultimately, LG would go on to take the first game 1-3. Games two and three would go to Allegiance. The second stanza brought about another comeback win as LG soared to a 10+ kill lead in the first few minutes. Shooter stayed composed and kept his deaths to a game-low 7, ensuring he and his team could seize victory. The 100-16 strongholds game was entirely in ALG’s favor from start to finish with ContrA outslaying everyone else on the map and taking part in the sizeable chunk of their strongholds captures. Despite picking up 9 more kills than LG, the star-clad players fell 2-3 in Fathom CTF. Devon lead his team and the game with 25 kills. Game five was about as close as it gets. Despite a 9-kill deficit with only two minutes left, Allegiance surged to the end but couldn’t find the game tying kill in the waning seconds giving LG their 2nd series of the week.

The Silver Lining

                Allegiance did not look discouraged in either loss. While a team shouldn’t be happy with a mark in the L column, ALG took both series to a game five giving the squad the statistically best losses possible. Map ratios play a huge factor in the later stages of the season, so if Allegiance can find a way to close out series, these game five disappoints might turn into blessings should the team find themselves tied with another team in the standings.

                Going into the gameplay itself, Allegiance looked very competent in both slayer and strongholds gametypes. Their CTF strategies will need work, but even those games the squad found ways to impress the audience. The biggest corrections ALG needs to make revolve around the opening few minutes of their games. Too often against Luminosity the star found themselves battling with against seemingly insurmountable odds. The fact, they were able to bring some of those games back and make the series competitive speaks volumes to the character on this squad.



Chris Matlock

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