Team Allegiance was founded in 2015 as a professional eSports organization based in North America. Our goal here at Allegiance is to become the world’s best across every game we get our hands on. We want to be the best in regards to the competition we face, the inclusion of our fans, and of course, the treatment of our players.

To us, gaming goes beyond joysticks and buttons. It’s our escape, our passion. We are not only dedicated to the competitive success of our teams, but to our players’ successes as human beings. We believe eSports can evolve into something greater and it's our mission to catalyze that transformation. Our goal is to improve the professional eSports industry through our exceptional competition and organization loyalty. This kind of growth isn’t just good for the organizations involved but the fans as well. Allegiance has a fundamental core value: loyalty. This loyalty stretches beyond ourselves - we are looking for every opportunity to give back to the community. Loyal to our fans, loyal to our players, loyal to eSports: we pledge allegiance.





To contact Team Allegiance, please send an email to chall@allegiance.team